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Travel, Tourism and Destination Video Production

Travel, Tourism and Destination Video Production

Destination videos, or travel and tourism videos are the most effective tool to get more people to your resort or resort property.

These are often done by the local Chamber of Commerce producing a video of the key attractions in the area to draw more tourists. They are also highly effective for individual businesses in the area. Showing people your hotel, store, or other business is great. But when you expand that to show more of the locale the draw is even greater.

For example. A hotel shows the rooms and amenities of the hotel. Then the video is expanded to show the fun things to do while there: the beaches, piers, shopping, restaurants, museums etc. The draw is increased exponentially.

Expedia went all out on travel videos to show what there is to do in areas such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Rio, Cancun etc. The video marketing drove sales of airplane tickets, rental cars and hotels.

While I love the format of the Expedia videos, over the years the typical travel video has changed from long videos with detailed narration about each attraction to shorter faster paced videos.

Working on this video to draw more people to Beverly Hills now that California has reopened, I felt the best approach was to give the viewer the feel of what the experience of being in Beverly Hills and on the fabulous Rodeo Drive is like.

There is no narration and it moves at a rapid pace through the key visual attractions to keep a younger audience engaged. This may or may not be the best approach for your destination video. It will lay somewhere between the detailed Expedia type videos and our Beverly Hills video above.

Contact me to discuss how we can help you with destination, travel and tourism video production.

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