Travel, Tourism and Destination Video Production

Destination videos, or travel and tourism videos are the most effective tool to get more people to your resort or resort property.

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Documentary Trailer Editing

This is the trailer for a documentary on cancer treatment in the United States that I edited. I didn’t film or produce the documentary but I was called in to edit the trailers for the […]

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Fine Art Photography – Blood Red Sea

Fine art photography is a mix of artistic talent, technical know how and luck.

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Cinematic Actor Headshots

I don’t have a “headshot” category on this website because too often the term gets confused with business headshots. They tend to be rather generic. That is really the last thing an actor, actress, or […]

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What I See Around Me

Often when I go out for a walk or running errands, I bring my camera with me. Not my phone mind you, my real camera. It seems that any time I don’t I see something […]

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Social Media Video Production for Restaurants

While our food photography is not shown on this website, we have decades of experience with food photography and videography.

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Video of the New Second Street Tunnel Lighting System

I was recently contacted by Forman and Associates, an architectural and entertainment lighting company.

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Black and White Fashion Photography

I love the classic feel in black and white photography, though I have often felt it creates a problem when shooting fashion photography. 

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Developing an Eye as a Photographer

  With a portfolio that is built around fashion, portraits and lifestyle, this photo doesn’t really fit.

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Meet Dreamer, The Native American Giving Free Haircuts to Homeless Vets

The homeless crisis in Los Angeles has caught the attention of the world and I have been documenting the situation for a few years now.

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