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COVID-19 changed every single thing about my life and business. That was followed by the killing of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter protests and riots. Between the two I have been out every day documenting how these dramatic events have impacted our lives and the story I see that is frequently different from what is presented in the media.

I’ve amassed a library of well over 2 terabytes of still photos and 4k and 6k footage. This is available for licensing. I’ve not had time to collect it together so I decided to begin posting photos I like as I have a chance. Contact me with any serious inquiries about photos or footage.


Black Lives Matter Art

During a large Black Lives Matter protest in Hollywood with over 20,000 people marching, a memorial to George Floyd was created at Hollywood Boulevard and Highland.

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A Common Sign During The Black Lives Matter Protests

As I’ve actually been in the protests, I’ve seen store owners hurriedly putting up Black Lives Matter signs in their store windows while rioting occurred close to their stores. I’ve also seen the signs very […]

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National Guard in Hollywood After Black Lives Matters Protests

During COVID-19 there were rumblings of bringing in the National Guard to enforce the quarantine order.

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