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This photography blog is my escape into a beautiful place.  Both when I’m taking the pictures and posting them.  It differs from my main blog in that I will mainly post landscapes, seascapes and fine art. Here I’m not concerned with “likes” or “going viral” or “search engine optimization” or writing for Google.  This blog is devoted to beauty, which is why I got into photography in the first place.

This is the work I take when I need to escape the madness of the world by seeing the beauty around me.  That also often involves the use of a magic wand, waving it and saying Thou Shalt Be Beautiful and making it so.

In this work, I hope that you too can find a beautiful place in which to escape the madness and recharge your soul.  I’ll tell a bit about the photos as well: why I took it, what was happening, maybe even a bit of what it took to get the shot, etc.

Most of the photos in this photoblog are available for licensing for commercial use, or as prints for your wall.


Beautiful Sunset at the Ocean City Boardwalk

On assignment in Atlantic City I was able to take some time after the shoot to drive down to Ocean City and stroll along the boardwalk. 

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The Barren Tree

The tree in this photo is about 1000 miles from where I live, but I’ve passed it a number of times.

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Rare Photos of a Common Attraction

These beautiful photos of the Santa Monica Pier were were taken while I was out that way working on a video for a client.

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The Picture of the Moment

The reason for the title is that this happened to be the photo up on my screen for editing at the time I decided to do a post. 

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A Photographic Journey

I’ve decided to start a new blog on my site that takes a bit of a different tact.  One where honesty rules.

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