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Fashion Week in Los Angeles

Fashion Week in Los Angeles

I am updating this page with new news.  I’ll be photographing the fabulous designs of acclaimed fashion designer Adolfo Sanchez on October 11, 2019 during LA Fashion Week.  I am also working on a special video project with Adolfo where we follow the creation of one of his fashion designs from concept to the runway!   This is one of two special videos we are creating surrounding Los Angeles Fashion Week 2019.  Be sure to stay tuned and see the finished work!

Here are some photos of Adolfo Sanchez’s designs on the runway a couple years ago during LAFW in Beverly Hills.  See more info and additional fashion week photos below the new gallery.

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Once again I have the honor of being selected as one of the official photographers for Los Angeles Fashion Week.  I’ll be working the Art Hearts Fashion Show at the fabulous MacArthur beginning March 12th.

To kick things off I thought I would share some of my photos from fashion week last year in Beverly Hills, taken at the Beverly Hilton.

Enjoy the pictures from the spectacular LAFW extravaganza last year!

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