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Fashion Photographer Gallery:

Gallery of my editorial fashion photo shoots, fashion ad campaigns and fashion lookbook photography.

Fitness Photographer, Body Photography Gallery:

Photo gallery with samples of my editorial fitness photography, and more body and physique oriented fashion photography.

Portrait Photographer Gallery

Photo gallery with samples of my portrait for singers, DJs, entertainment professionals, actors, actresses and celebrities.

Music Photography Gallery

Music photography is where I cut my teeth as a photographer.  For too long this work was absent from my portfolio due to the recommendations of a consultant who believed you can only show one type of work on your website.  I have put some of this vital work back up.  Enjoy.

CGI  Composited Images Gallery

Compositing images can bring forth images with unlimited potential for reaching your audience and creating demand for your product and service.  Composited images add depth and dimension to images not possible with normal photographic techniques and can frequently result in significant cost savings to the client.

LA Celebrity / Red Carpet & Public Relations Photographer

Photo gallery including some examples of my celebrity, red carpet event and public relations photography.  

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