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Marketing Video Case Study

Marketing Video Case Study

We worked with Santa Monica Gwen Samuels on a series of small projects using video to help her with her marketing.

Gwen has two distinct styles to her artwork and separate reps for each. The video was created in two segments, one for each of her main styles of art.  She then sent a copy of the appropriate ones to her reps.  She also added it to her website and got herself featured on a Los Angeles website that feature artists with one of the videos.

The videos add tremendous value to her work by showing the process that goes into creating her unique one of a kind art and how labor intensive it is.  We also took some environmental portraits of Gwen actually working in her environment.  She loved them because they showed her as an artist, at work.

We have developed an ongoing working relationship with Gwen and recently completed a 90 second video for Gwen that will show in advance of the movies at a Laemmle Theatre in Santa Monica while her art is being exhibited in the lobby.  Though short, we worked extensively with Gwen and Laemmle to ensure the finished video was exactly what was needed by both.

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The interstitial video, or trailer currently showing at Laemmle Theatre.

This video was of Gwen’s Three Dimensional Sculpture art.

This video represents her flat artwork.  There is overlap in portions of the two videos as they are intended to be seen by different audiences.


Environmental Portrait of artist Gwen Samuels

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