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Music Photography

Music Photography

My career in professional photography actually began in the music industry a few decades ago.  Consultants I worked with had advised me to keep my website to just one type of photography, mainly my men’s fashion.  So for nearly a decade, my music photography has been excluded from my portfolio.

Yet music photography played such an essential role in shaping who I am as a photographer I’ve decided it needs to go back on my website.  Working with music taught me more about how to use dramatic light and composing photos to draw the maximum emotion out of the shot  than all of the classes I took combined. 

I also find myself continually drawn back to music photography. I’ve always considered music the highest art form and find it richly rewarding to work with people that are so creative… to create images that draw people to them to listen to their music.

The photos below are of a couple of recent concerts I shot.  You can also see a concert video I did here and a music video I did here.

Contact me to discuss your music photography or music video needs.

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