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Shuffle Dance, Manhattan Beach Dance Video

Shuffle Dance, Manhattan Beach Dance Video

This is an off the cuff collaboration I did with professional dancer Victor Tang, who once danced on one of Madonna’s tours.  The idea came from both a music video I saw by Adele, Rolling in the Deep and then later a still photoshoot I did under the pier at Manhattan Beach.  

A few days later it clicked, how the light and sand were under the pier and what a perfect location it would make for a dance video.  I contacted Victor and told him my idea and we decided to give it a test run.

This was shot with no crew, no lights, no heavy duty gear.  Again, it was just a test to see if the concept held up.

I liked it well enough to post it.  And when we get the budget, we will be back with the crew and gear and take it to its full impact!  Stay tuned.



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