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Boats in the Harbor, Fine Art Seascape

Big luxury yachts make room for the smaller and faster boats in the harbor.  This fine art seascape

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Small Boat Big Harbor, Fine Art

An inflatable motorboat passes the yachts in Marina del Rey.  This fine art seascape

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Fine Art Print of a Beautiful Marina

View of the beautiful Marina del Rey in Southern California.  This fine art seascape

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Paddleboarders in the Harbor

Stand-up paddleboarders pass as a man in a boat looks on.   This fine art seascape is an open edition

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Seal in the Harbor Seascape

The seal stole the show in this fine art seascape.  If you’ve ever been to Marina del Rey California,

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Peaceful Marina, Fine Art Print

Peaceful Marina is a fine art seascape that shows the expansiveness of Marina del Rey.

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Peaceful Harbor, Fine Art Photo

Peaceful Harbor is a fine art seascape taken in the beautiful Marina del Rey in Southern California.

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Los Angeles Fashion Week

It just doesn’t get better than this.  I’ve been shooting the runway, behind the scenes and celebrity candid photos during LA Fashion week.  Today this photo of pop artist Sham Ibrahim popped up in OK […]

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New Art Represented by Saatchi

This began as curiosity, exploring a new coloring method, and blending.  Then it sat on my computer for a while as I didn’t think I “had it”.   I ran into it again, dusted it […]

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