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What I See Around Me

Often when I go out for a walk or running errands, I bring my camera with me. Not my phone mind you, my real camera. It seems that any time I don’t I see something […]

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Black and White Fashion Photography

I love the classic feel in black and white photography, though I have often felt it creates a problem when shooting fashion photography. 

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Developing an Eye as a Photographer

  With a portfolio that is built around fashion, portraits and lifestyle, this photo doesn’t really fit.

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Day at the Beach Lifestyle Photo Shoot

I’m so thrilled with this shoot.  I may end up putting up a full gallery with selects from just this shoot soon but here are a couple samples.

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My Fine Feathered Model

While I was working near downtown Los Angele today, this little guy decided he wanted to get in on the action!   He didn’t fly away from the cameras and crew like his other feathered […]

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Upcoming Gallery Exhibit

This is a teaser of some of my recent fine art work that will be exhibiting soon.  Please stay tuned for more info.

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