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Travel and Tourism Video Production

Travel and Tourism Video Production

Video content is proving to be a powerful way to be seen and attract attention. This is particularly true in the travel industry. It shows people why they want to visit the destination in a way still photos alone can’t do. 

I’ve learned to my surprise that some travel and tourism publications I’ve worked with say they get more traffic to their YouTube channels than to their websites.

In this example of a things to do in a Venice Beach travel guide for we also provided still photos to accompany the video content.  They were able to put up rich content with both photos and video on the website with even more detailed information on what there is to see and do in Venice Beach.  The website post fed traffic traffic to their YouTube channel.  And the YouTube channel fed traffic to their website.  Combined with working the social media outlets, they gained broad reach across the internet.

This shoot spanned a few days due to the time required to get to all the key sights in Venice Beach, and to be able to video/photograph them in the best light.  We brought in a male and female model for one day of shooting to add a model released human element.

We work with travel publications, airline and hotel booking sites, area tourism bureaus, Chambers of Commerce and hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and real estate companies wanting to highlight the things to do in their neighborhoods.  Contact us for more information on how we can help you with your travel and tourism video needs.

Some of the photos we shot are below.

Travel video

Travel photography


venice canals

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